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Architectural & Interior Design:
We work with our Clients in every phase of the design process, from programming to delivering a complete, correct set of construction documents. We coordinate the work of specialized and engineering consultants and of any other party that must provide input. We transfer our ideas and concepts to blueprints, floorplans, schemes, technical and shop drawings, catalogs, design briefs and statements of purpose, and other required documentation.

Architectural Supervision:
We provide quality control tasks during the construction stage, using our experience and methodical approach to verify compliance with standards and ensure the integrity of the design intent. Our constant presence in the worksite, a prompt reply to any RFIs/RFCs, and a disciplined punch list process are critical to a successful QA process, which is done collaboratively with the Contractor, the Project Management Team and the Owner´s representative.

Other services:
We provide coordination and logistics management services during the delivery and installation of FF&E. We can also take care of the final setup, decoration, and accessorizing of projects. We can source/procure FF&E, artwork, and accessories on behalf of Ownership. Lastly, we provide industry-specific, value-adding technical services for specific disciplines (for example, hospitality).


We are always open to discuss the possibility of working together with other designers (both foreign and domestic) on mutually beneficial projects.

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